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Who we are.

Oyooni is a non-profit organisation. All donations and funds raised go directly to the purchase of equipment, and as the organisation grows and involves volunteers, may also go to modest running costs.

Our Vision: To deliver effective treatment to the silent forgotten majority sufferers of diabetes, in Palestine.

Our Mission: To reach, educate, screen, and manage every diabetic or potential diabetic in Palestine at no cost.

Oyooni was founded by Dr. Ali Dabbagh.

Dr Ali Dabbagh is working as a senior ophthalmologist at Al Bahar Eye Hospital in Kuwait (based at Al Mehri Centre in Khaldieh).

Also a Reader-in-Ophthalmology at Dasman Diabetes Institute, he is offered to chair the committee for implementation of Diabetic Retinal Screening Programme (DRS) at Dasman Diabetes Institute in Kuwait.

Ali’s extensive practice, spanning more than three decades, is dedicated to special interest in medical ophthalmology. Predominantly, he spent the past ten years, in the management of glaucoma and diabetic disease, in particular diabetic retinal complications.

Following graduation from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and after internship in Dublin hospitals, he returned to practice in Kuwait. Completing an extensive rotation in Family Medicine, Pediatrics and Psychiatry, Social and Preventative medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology, he joined Prof. Eklof’s vascular unit in Kuwait, which was instrumental in establishing Kuwait University Medical School, before moving on to ophthalmology 1985.

As a fully trained homoeopath, Ali is a member of The Royal College of Homeopathy, UK. He is also an acupuncturist, having trained in Beijing, specializing in eye conditions.

A lawyer holding a Masters degree in Medical Law from Cardiff University. Apart from malpractice & litigation, his special interests include medical ethics, stem cell, genetic research and jurisprudence.

Dr Ali is a visiting consultant to UNRWA’s Health clinics to provide advice and training as a clinical ophthalmologist.

A speaker of Arabic, French and English, Dr Dabbagh, product of a Palestinian father from Jaffa, and a Husseini mother from Jerusalem!

Born in Kuwait; raised and educated in Egypt, France, England, Ireland, and Scotland.

He is supported by his family and friends who have provided emotional and in-kind support and encouragement to get Oyooni and the website up and running.

 The team

Many of Dr Ali's family members and friends have been involved and inspired by Oyooni as a practical initiative. This led to many volunteering their time to organise fundraising events, networking to inform others, and help in any way possible on the ground to make Oyooni's work known to many others. From Scotland to England and all the way to Dubai, original ideas were put forward and carried through to equip Oyooni with the tools needed to deliver its services.

We have dedicated a page on this website to thank those who made it all possible. 

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