Education: Awareness and Training

Oyooni offers to run workshops and seminars:
  • To up skill medical personnel in Palestine to screen and manage diabetics with eye complications. 
  • Spread awareness amongst the Palestinian population especially in remote or disadvantaged areas about Diabetes and the importance of regular examinations. 

Dr Dabbagh has been conducting seminars and workshops across the West Bank and Jerusalem:

  • Introduction to Glaucoma Seminar in Jenin Camp to the Jenin Camp medical staff (3 doctors, 9 nurses and 3 community workers).
  • Delivered a seminar on red eyes to 22 primary healthcare physicians in the UNRWA centre in Ramallah.
  • Glaucoma seminar; Theory & Hands-on-Training, to the Community workers, Ramallah.
  • A series of  seminars on topics such as: anatomy and function, viral keratitis, diabetic retinopathy, dry eye, general eyecare & lid hygiene, cataracts, styes and chalazia, and glaucoma management which will be conducted in October 2010 visit. 

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