Global consultations, a form of Telemedicine

Oyooni aims to establish a worldwide network of Eye specialists who will be able to provide
adequate diagnosis/consultation through the technologies of telemedicine.  Efforts to start implementing this goal will start end of 2010 and continue to run the programme in 2011. Due to the number of potential diabetic patients in need of eyecare, it will be unlikely that Dr Ali will be able to cover most patients. Therefore, Oyooni plans to get in touch with Ophthalmologists from around the world to set up a programme of screening and treatment for them. 
This programme has two elements:
- Specialists who are willing to travel to Palestine to carry out similar tasks to what Dr Ali is currently undertaking.
- Specialists who would review cases while remaining in their own countries. This will be conducted via use of the technology. Photos taken of the retina will be sent via the internet for diagnosis to willing consultants across the globe. Those 'virtual' consultations are invaluable to the work of Oyooni.

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