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This page is dedicated to sharing our news with you. The column on the right lists the articles and interviews appeared in the Media with Dr Ali on different occasions. The events below describe what we've been up to since birth.

Deheisha Camp welcomes Oyooni in Oct 2010

Deheisha Camp UNRWA medical centre hosted Oyooni Clinic for the first time. As part of its clinical programme, 58 diabetic patients were screened for eye complications. 

On the educational front, Oyooni contributed to the International Conference on Nutrition for the children of Palestine. 

Other educational opportunities included cooperation with Birzeit University Faculty of Nursing, The Child Institute, and Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem.

Read the full report below

OCTOBER 2010.pdf OCTOBER 2010.pdf
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Celebrating the arrival of the Laser Machine

Falasteen Ya Oyooni Team got together to celebrate the arrival of the Laser Machine, essential in carrying our treatment for diabetic patients with complications. 

(1 May 2010)

The team wrote a thank you note to all Falasteen Ya Oyooni supporters, which can be downloaded (below).

Laser announcement.pdf Laser announcement.pdf
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'Falasteen Ya Oyooni' Evening

A funadraising dinner evening that secured the purchase of Oyooni's Laser Machine, held at Media Rotana on the 28th April, 2010.

Attended by Tamam Al Akhal, our guest of honour, who -with Al Shammout family- have donated three paintings for an art auction, the event attreacted over 200 supporters and raised AED 107,000 (over $30,000).

Mohammad Hamami, founder of Sharq Orchestra, enchanted the audience with a solo violin performance. 

Yasmoun embroided shawl and a piece by Foobar raised more funds through a raffle. 

The atmosphere and spirit of the evening were contagious with overwhelming support for Oyooni.

 Ali & Oyooni at Pecha Kucha, Dubai

With a presentation titled 'Comfort Zones', Dr Ali addressed a  Pecha Kucha audience, talking about his experiences in Palestine, his trip to Gaza, and Oyooni. He posed the question of challenging his own comfort zone in what he experienced on a personal level and in general..!!

The presentation can be downloaded by clicking on the icon below

Comfort Zones.pdf Comfort Zones.pdf
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Oyooni runs School children vision testing in Jenin, April 2010

Due to local demand, Oyooni was requested to run school vision testing programme as a means of early detection system. The pilot programme covered 40 children from Jenin Camp and the city schools.

Following up on the awareness campaign, an introductory talk was delivered to women at Saraya Centre in Jerusalem, highlighting the dangers of bad life style which contributes to the development of diabetes, and the importance of early detection and prevention.

A few meetings were set up with Ministry of Health staff regarding a common interest in Telemedicine.

Dr Ali invited by UNRWA to act as a consultant to help setting up an eye unit to the Diabetes Centre in Deheisha Camp.

Oyooni's trip to Palestine, in October 2009, achieved a number of objectives, most importantly of which was partnering with UNRWA setting up a much needed Centre for diabetic patients with a specialised eye unit. 

Oyooni also conducted a follow up screening programme in Jenin clinics, arranged 'visual acuity screening' programme for Al Shurooq school children, met with The Peace cycle participants during their Palestine tour, and visited a number of institutions to discuss future cooperation. 

The Peace Cycle donated all funds raised during their journey to Oyooni.

Oyooni's screening targets are exceeded by 400%

Results of July 2009 trip exceeded all expectations. To highlight only a few:

Pre-visit targets for the screening of 50 patients within the two week period were exceeded by over 400% with a total of 257 patients screened. 

Training targets of one workshop to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) were exceeded both in number and scope through the delivery of several workshops to GPs, nurses and community health workers.

The success of the trip evolved beyond targets when Dr. Dabbagh was invited by UNRWA Health Program to conduct consultancy visits to UNRWA Health Centers and to organize a training programme to build capacity of their staff.

Oyooni has been offered and accepted a base in Al Shurooq School for the Blind & Visually Impaired and to start a low visual aid clinic. 

The full report on July visit can be downloaded by clicking on the icon below.

July Trip Results Summary.pdf July Trip Results Summary.pdf
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Zyara participants attend and assist in Oyooni's clinics

A partner to Oyooni, Zyara organises special trips with a personal touch to Palestine. Participants in Zyara tour the country, meet the people, share their stories and, and volunteer in small projects when the opportunity arises. 

In July 2009, Zyara participants took turns to help at Oyooni clinics in Jenin. The effect of their contribution was evident on the volunteers themselves, the medical staff, and more importantly, the clinic patients. 

Ali thanking Zyara participants: 'Even with cameras flashing, everyone was sensitive, caring and made people feel wanted, not forgotten and that they were there, physically, emotionally and morally, for them.  The Zyara team’s contribution meant a lot to me, much more importantly, to all those who attended the clinic. Just look at their faces in the photographs!  Many thanks'

Receiving a Donation to purchase the indirect ophthalmoscope

Oyooni is pleased to announce the purchase of an indirect ophthalmoscope that will be used for clinical work & for training purposes. It is an essential piece of equipment for viewing the fundus(retina) to assess diabetic changes & plan accordingly overall management, including whether to laser or not. 

Thanks to Abdulla who donated the cost of the equipment.

Donated funds were directly paid to the supplier who will deliver the Vantage digital make to Oyooni during the next couple of weeks. June 2009

Check our Donations and Fundraising Page for more info. 

The Peace Cycle Sponsors Oyooni

Oyooni is so pleased to learn that the Peace Cycle will be raising funds for Oyooni this year.

The Peace Cycle is a British non-profit organisation that has organised successful cycle rides from London to Jerusalem in 2004 and 2006, and from Amman to Jerusalem in 2008 raising funds for humanitarian charities. View The Peace Cycle website  to learn more about the organisation, take part in their next Cycle to Jerusalem, or view their announcement in support of Oyooni:

‘This year, Peace Cyclists will be raising funds for Oyooni Mobile Eye Clinic, an initiative that aims to deliver specialised eye care to diabetes & glaucoma patients in Palestine, the West Bank and Gaza.’' Said Laura Abraham,  co-founder of The Peace Cycle. May 2009

Opposite: The Peace Cyclists deliver a petition to the European Parliament (March 2009)

Small steps from inception to birth, Oyooni in the making

July 2008 to February 2009

  • In Dubai
  • Took part with friends & family members in a car boot sale at International City (Dubai) to raise funds for the clinic.
  • In Gaza
  • Visited hospitals in Gaza (including The Eye Hospital) soon after the Israeli attack to assess medical needs.
  • Met with a number of doctors and heads of departments to assess possibility of extending Oyooni to Gaza clinics.
  • Examined a number of patients with eye injuries.
  • In The West Bank:
  • Met with the Director of medical Services at UNRWA (the United Nations body looking after medical needs for the Palestinian population in refugee camps) to assess Diabetes & Glaucoma patients needs at the camps.
  • Delivered a hands-on workshop on detecting Glaucoma cases to community workers.
  • Tested the database software in clinic.
  • In Dubai
  • Purchased 6 pieces of equipment for the clinic.(for details, please download equipment report)
  • In Scotland
  • Attended the Art exhibition and auction fundraising event organised by Fiona in Ardentinny, Scotland. Raised £2,247 for the clinic (details on special thanks page)
  • In the West Bank
  • Visited four Health care providers in the West Bank to offer cooperation and coordinate future plans of clinic visits, training, and screening programme.
  • Attended Diabetes specialised clinic and examined a sample of patients in Qlaqilia, Jenin, Anapta, Jaba and Bethlehem centres.
  • Developed a pilot database software in cooperation with IT unit in continual education at Birzeit University.
  • Compiled a list of needed portable equipment to purchase for the clinic.

The Peace Cyclists arrive at AL Shurooq School

 Waiting rooms in clinics filled up quickly

Oyooni clinic at Al Shurooq School for the Blind

 Zyara volunteers at the end of an Oyooni clinic

In The Media

Looking at Hope with New Eyes  

An article published in Medics International Magazine (Q3 2010). Click on icon or title above to read the article.


Amal Mukus interviewd Dr Ali Dabbagh as a guest on her 'Raf3 Assitaar' Programme on the occasion of organising 'Falasteen Ya Oyooni' Fundrasing evening to purchase the Laser Machine.  (May, 2010). Raf3 Assitaar is a Friday special broadcast on Ashams Radio, Nazareth.

The link to the interview will be added as a copy is obtained.


Dr Ali speaks on Oyooni and Diabetes on Dubai TV Arabic Channel. (June 2009).


In The National

Eye care on West Bank a 'Huge Task' for Doctor. 24 November, 2008

Doctor to Take Mission Trip. 1 July, 2008


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A New Vision. Friday Magazine, 7 May 2009

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