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Pictures on this page reflect Oyooni's ground work in Palestine and demonstrate the fundraising activities vital to continue supporting Oyooni's operations. For more photos on any of these, you can check our Oyooni Facebook group.

Screening in a number of Clinics across the West Bank in cooperation with Healthcare providers in Palestine. From Jab'a to Jenin, Sunjel, and Dura.

Offering Workshops and Seminars as part of an awareness campaign on diabetes complications and management.

From Healthcare and community workers to Medical staff, the feedback on specialised eyecare skills covered by those workshops is overwhelming

Partnering with Local institution is a strength Oyooni invests in. From Al Shurooq school for the BLind and Visually impaired, where a base for Oyooni is now set up and a programme for visual impairment assessment is conducted, to Diabetic Friends Society in Bethlehem, to UNRWA clinics and consultations, Oyooni has been working closely with such valuable partners for the benefit of their memebrs and patients.


Falasteen Ya Oyooni:

A fund-raising event held in Dubai to raise funds for the Laser machine to be used for treatment.

A big Thank you to all who took part in organising this amazing event and those who attended it.

Friends in the UK have organised a number of events to raise funds to help Oyooni start its operations. From Ardentinny to Edinburgh and Manchester, an art exhibition, a gig and a dinner raised just under £6,000 in total. It exceeded all expectations and demonstrated the itching desire for ordinary people to be involved.

Oyooni is overwhelmed to receive the funds raised by The Peace Cycle, a wonderful initiative that has been running since 2004. In its 2009 cycle to Palestine, it has raised £5,200 to support Oyooni's work

Ali taking part in the 2004 Peace Cycle, from London to Jerusalem.

Foobar also contributed, by selling some of his Karakeeb (artwork) at an art exhibition held at jamjar in Dubai and raising funds for Oyooni.

Foobar's art catalogue can be downloaded by clicking on the icon opposite. 

Final Karakeeb Foobar Catalogue.pdf Final Karakeeb Foobar Catalogue.pdf
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