Screening and Treatment

Oyooni operates by screening potential Retinopathy patients and provide treatment by LASER
Screening sessions are organised in advance with a number of Healthcare Providers in their respective clinics in Palestine. 
The first year of operations included clinics in Jenin City and Jenin Refugee camp (UNRWA), Jab'a clinic, Diabetic Friends Society, Bethlehem, Sunjel clinic (near Ramallah),and  Dura Village Clinic (near Hebron).

Background on Diabetes:

Diabetes is ultimately a disease of small blood vessels wherever they may be found in the body. This is usually brought about by fluctuations of the hormones (e.g. insulin) that deal with sugar level in the blood among other factors. Diabetes comes in different forms and affects the young and the old.
Long Term Complications
Untreated, Diabetes causes damage to the thin lining of the blood vessels. This damage is manifested by blood leaking out leading to bleeding, inflammation, infections plus other forms of destruction.  

Diabetes and the Eye:

Eyes complications – (example - Retinopathy)

  • Those damaged blood vessels when found in the eye can lead to impaired vision and even blindness if not managed. 
  • Patients 
    may not be aware of changes to the retina until their vision has been impaired, and this is why they must have their eyes screened every year.


Can Retinopathy be treated? 

Retinopathy can be treated by laser which is very successful if the condition is caught early and is generally pain free. 

In 80 percent of cases it can prevent any further loss of sight.

 Diabetes in Palestine:

Global estimates show that on average 6.4%-10.4% of any population have Diabetes. In 2001, the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committee screened 2,482 people. The preliminary results showed that 18% had diabetes. This puts the population living with Diabetes in the West Bank alone to be close to 460,000 most of which live in rural areas or refugee camps in the West Bank with highly inadequate access to specialized medical care. Not to mention the impact the occupation and its Wall of separation has on the patients that can afford the healthcare, to physically get to the care providers.

To address this critical problem to our people in Palestine, Oyooni was established in 2008 as a mobile clinic.

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