Why does Palestine need a mobile eye clinic?

There is a dearth of specialised eye care providers for diabetes and glaucoma patients. This leaves quite a gap in the healthcare system when the health population of the West Bank is over 3 Million, 14% of whom suffer from diabetes. There are 66 ophthalmologists in the West Bank, of which 12 are specialized in various areas but there are NO ophthalmologists specialised in the treatment of diabetes.Why does Palestine need a mobile eye clinic?

Source: research paper by the National Society for the Visually Handicapped & other NGOs.

With an imposed system of frequent closures and a network of checkpoints, many patients are deterred from making a trip to the doctor for any reason, let alone for the treatment of diabetes and glaucoma symptoms and complications. The mobility of Oyooni makes it easy to get to patients that are hard to reach or find it hard to get to their nearest clinic.

As the case in many countries in the Middle East there is a lack of knowledge about the risks of not treating diabetes and it’s symptoms. Diabetes patients tend to neglect their condition until they are diagnosed legally blind. This can be avoided if the proper information and preventative treatment is made available and is well communicated.

Source similar to diabetes patients in the UAE:
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